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  • If you are new to HELPS or do not know your preferred team's name / number, please click on the calendar link above for a complete list of upcoming teams.
  • Please enter the NAME, PHONE NUMBER and RELATIONSHIP of someone NOT TRAVELING WITH YOU that we may contact in case of an emergency. A valid phone number is required.
  • Please enter your name as it is LISTED ON YOUR PASSPORT. The name on your airfare ticket must match the name listed on your passport or you will not be allowed to travel.
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  • IMPORTANT: Maximum file size is 2MB. If you are unable to submit documents at this time, your file exceeds size limitations, or you have more than one document to submit, PLEASE DO NOT RESUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. INSTEAD, PLEASE EMAIL THE DOCUMENTS SEPARATELY TO: Please include your team's number in the subject line of the email.
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