Community Development


All people should live, work and learn in a safe, healthy environment.

But rural Guatemalans face health risks every day, in their own homes and schools. The open fires traditionally used for cooking inside homes lead to devastating respiratory problems and severe burns. At especially high risk are children under age 5, for whom acute respiratory infection is the leading cause of death. Meanwhile, with sixty percent of disease in Guatemala waterborne, millions lack access to clean drinking water.

That’s why we are working across Guatemala to improve infrastructure with a line of high-quality, low-cost products designed and tested to meet the needs of rural families.

Our ONIL stove and water filter are making homes safer and healthier.  Working with partners like Cementos Progreso, we are dramatically reducing health problems and cutting the time Guatemalan families spend collecting firewood. That means more time in school and earning income, especially for women and girls. 

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