Over 20 years ago Dr. Phil Boyle, an anesthesiologist from St. Cloud, MN, went on his first HELPS medical trip. At that time, this particular trip to Nebaj was HELPS’ second medical venture thus far. HELPS has brought Dr. Boyle and his services to different parts of Guatemala including multiple trips to Nebaj, Chajul and San Cristobal. In January of 2011, he will be taking his 20th trip when he travels to San Cristobal with a medical team from Dallas, TX.

HELPS has created for Dr. Boyle a passion for the culture and people of Guatemala, which has profoundly affected his life and the lives of those around him both from a personal and professional standpoint. “Many of the people with whom I work – doctors, nurses and others – have participated in this work and this has provided a shared experience that binds us in a way that is universally positive.”

Over the last twenty years, Guatemala has also become a large part of the whole Boyle family. Dr. Boyle’s involvement has brought his wife Kris, and all eight of their children back to Guatemala on numerous occasions. After experiencing numerous HELPS medical trips, all of his children have returned to experience the beautiful culture of Guatemala in their own travels.

Phil and Kris Boyle have adopted two children from San Cristobal, AV, and their oldest daughter Mary is married to a man from San Lucas Toliman. “I have received so much more than I have given. My time spent in Guatemala has helped me to realize what it is that brings happiness in this life, and it is not a lot of “stuff”.”  – Dr. Phil Boyle