Some of you may remember the t.v. show, “MacGyver”.  You may remember that MacGyver (and his stylish Mullet hair) was the ever-resourceful, secret agent who could disable the nuclear bomb system of an evil empire with a paper clip.

A MacGyver on a HELPS Medical or Stove Team is someone  who keeps the team running mechanically and can fix just about everything.  They are invaluable, particularly on in a country where resources are limited and there are time pressures.

In this short video, Doug shares his experiences as a MacGyver having visited 40 or more times to Guatemala and Central America.  He and other volunteers have proved invaluable in helping medical professionals serve the people of Central America in a life-changing way.  Many volunteers like Doug find that as they work to help change the lives of others, their own life is the one that becomes changed for the better.  If you would like to become a volunteer like Doug or know someone who would, please contact us at: 1-800-41-HELPS or look here for more information.